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For that WOW reaction from clients, professional home inspectors across Canada and in the USA choose the HomeReport® home inspection reporting system. In the fast paced real estate game, on-site reporting is an asset for your company and a big benefit to clients. Donít make them wait hours for an e-report. Delight your clients and stand out from the competition by delivering a polished, professional on-site report. Read our customer testimonials and learn why Home Inspectors, their clients and even Lawyers value the HomeReport® home inspection reporting system! Used in over 50,000 home inspections! Don't be fooled by imitations, get the real HomeReport® today!


HomeReport® helps inspectors reach six-digit incomes and build multi-inspector businesses! Enhance your business with HomeReport® and watch how quickly things take off. You can’t find a better system! Truly, there is no better value!

Now Available In Three Convenient Formats

Features and Benefits of HomeReport®
  • Clear and easy to follow home inspection reporting system consisting of 10 duplicate keysheets including The Big Picture which offers an overview of the major details.
  • Well written supportive text that focuses on the inspection itself which means the inspector writes less, saves presentation time and reduces call backs
  • Visually appealing forms - easy to follow format throughout
  • Professional, detailed system diagram behind each section's keysheet that helps to visually explain report items quickly
  • Lets Get Started offers clients a "move-in" check list (focused on safety)
  • Annual Maintenance Schedule & Annual Maintenance Record forms clients can rely on throughout their home ownership
  • Detailed Checking It Out section helps clients understand home maintenance
  • Hiring A Contractor offers special tips and suggestions
  • Budgeting section includes average cost, life span and quote columns
  • A Record Keeping system that can be customized to better meet each home inspection client's needs
  • Presented in a professional full colour, high quality spiral book that can fold right over for easy reporting. Also includes inside front sleeve and card pockets.
  • Rich, full colour glossy tabs separate each section bringing strength, durablily and an upgraded appearance to the new 12th edition.
  • HomeReport® continually evolves with the home inspection industry, ensuring your clients always receive current information and an overall great inspection report.



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Another Benefit For HomeReport® Users - Our Exclusive HomeReport® Tech Talk Forum

Here's what one member has to say: "This Forum never ceases to amaze me with "great, relative information"! Thanks for letting me be a part of this group Tim! Every day that I might think that I've seen it or heard it all before, gets me proven wrong with this Forum. Thanks Again. ~ Bruce Laing, Oakville, ON

What Do Lawyers think of HomeReport® ?

"I took three reporting systems to three different lawyers for review and they all reached the same unanimous conclusion. They ALL favoured HomeReport® because it is clear, easy to understand, straight forward and not loaded down with legalese." David Carr-Harris, Owner - Limestone Inspection Services Inc.


Review an April 2015 interview with ICA about HomeReport® use the link below


HomeReport® Now in its 12th edition

Simply a Better Choice! Simply Better Value!
A Great Home Inspection Report

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